AS-960 Addressing System

The Addressing Solution That Has It All

AS-960 Addressing System
  • Saves money and increases response rates
  • Features HP inkjet technology
  • Barcode printer built
  • Delivers high-speed and heavy-duty tabletop address printing
  • Offers application versatility
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The AS-960 Addressing System uses patented HP printing technology, prints 600 x 600 dots per inch and delivers sharp, crisp, easily readable addresses.


Project a professional appearance with all mailings

The AS-960 also prints machine-readable barcodes, like the Intelligent Mail® barcode, that are fully compatible with the Postal Service’s reading systems.

The AS-960 integrates with address quality management software such as Neopost’s Business Mailer or similar third-party software solution. That means custom-designed address layouts as well as address cleansing, address optimization and other money-saving features. 




As many as 26,000 addresses per hour

Print resolution as fine as 600 x 600 dpi

Document Handling

Print area: 3” x 20”

Minimum document size: 3.46” x 5.31”

Maximum document size: 15” x 20”

Hopper capacity: 500 #10 envelopes                              


24”L x 29”H x 21”D

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