DS-200 Folder Inserter

The Highly Productive Folder Inserter that Inserts an Unprecedented Variety of Mail

  • Offers powerful performance, intuitive operation and an unlimited job memory
  • Eliminates hours of manual adjustments with auto set-up
  • Reads almost any type of document coding with a unique, all-inclusive scanning module
  • Offers higher speeds and lower envelope costs with landscape insertion
  • Reaches new heights of user friendliness with 15” touch-screen user interface
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The DS-200 is a robust folding and inserting system with a 15" touch screen, unlimited job memory and auto set-up to eliminate hours of manual adjustments.


A Robust and Customizable Automatic Envelope Stuffer

The DS-200 is a robust folding and inserting system that can be customized to meet the workflow requirements of a wide range of mailing applications, including flats.

Neopost’s automatic letter folding machine is powerful and intuitive with unlimited job memory, auto set-up to eliminate hours of manual adjustments and a unique all-inclusive scanning module that reads almost any type of document coding.

Completely modular, the DS-200 folder inserter is designed to grow with individual business needs. 




Processing speed as fast as to 4,800 documents per hour

Job memory: unlimited

Document feeder capacity: 1,000 sheets

Document Handling

As many as eight sheets, letter, zigzag, single, double-parallel

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