DS-85 Folder Inserter

A Letter Folding Machine Powerful and Compact for Your Mailroom

  • Requires no operator training
  • Simplifies jobs – just Load n’ Go®
  • Ensures mail quality and integrity
  • Offers compact profile and quiet performance to suit all work environments
  • Grows with any business thanks to modular design
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The DS-85 folder inserter can be expanded from two to six stations, providing additional capacity, growing with your business and protecting your investment.


An Easy-To-Use Folder Inserter That Grows with Your Business

The DS-85 is a powerful folder inserter that can adapt to growing business needs. It supports all types of mail-folding applications and features a modular design which protects the user’s investment.

The DS-85 folder inserter can be expanded from 2 to 6 stations at any time, providing additional capacity and protecting your investment. Simply add the right module at the right time – as your company grows. The multiple function options allow you to take on more job orders, further optimizing your productivity. The modular design of this folding inserting machine gives you peace of mind and ensures that your equipment investment is cost-effective today and into the future.

DS-85 folder inserter



Processing speed as fast as 4,000 documents per hour

Job memory: 25

As many as 6 stations

Document Handling

Height: 3.5” – 14”

Width: 5.1” – 9”

Weight: 16 – 66 lbs

MaxiFeeder capacity: 1,200 sheets (20 lb)

FlexFeed capacity: 325 sheets (20 lb)

High-capacity document feeder: 725 sheets (20 lb)


16.5"W x 72"L x 36.5"H (6 stations) 

Get Full Content Control and Security With DS-85 Folder Inserter

Neopost folder inserter scanner capacity

In order to securely process personalized mail runs and those with a varying volume of documents per set, the DS-85 letter folding machine includes several automatic features to ensure that every recipient receives the right mailpiece.

  • Reading of sequencing marks allows you to control printing accuracy, and inserts can be selected based on customer profile
  • Optional Integrity checking software, Mail Piece Production Control (MPPC), ensures 100% accurate mail processing

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