Letter Openers

Mail Opening Machines to Enhance Your Inbound Mail Processes

Browse our automatic letter openers below. They are designed to increase efficiency and productivity. They are ideal for a variety of businesses. Neopost offers a variety of low- to high-volume mail openers to suit your specific needs.

Low Volume Letter Openers

The Office-Friendly Mail Opener

IM-16C Mail Opener
  • Counts and processes incoming mail

  • Opens mixed mail without pre-sorting

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Mid Volume Letter Openers

Compact Electric Letter Opener with Milling Cutter Technology

IM-2112 letter Opener
  • Features milling cutter technology

  • Offers an easy-to-use cut-depth lever

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Open Your Mail Quickly, Easily, Securely and Efficiently

IM-30 automatic letter Opener
  • Opens one, two or three sides

  • Offers adjustable speeds

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A Fast and Secure Solution for Opening and Extracting Your Incoming Mail

IM-35 Letter Opener
  • Offers three extraction levels

  • Processes mixed mail without pre-sorting

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High Volume Letter Openers

High-Volume Envelope Opener with Optional Sorting Capabilities

IM-306 envelope Opener
  • Features high-speed opening technology

  • Optimizes work flow through improved ergonomics

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