Mail Opening Machines to Enhance Your Inbound Mail Processes

Low Volume Letter Openers

IM-16C Mail Opener
IM-16C Automatic Letter Opener

The Office-Friendly Mail Opener

The IM-16C Letter Opener maximizes productivity by processing up to 300 envelopes per minute.
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Mid Volume Letter Openers

IM-2112 letter Opener
IM-2112 Envelope Opener

Compact Electric Letter Opener with Milling Cutter Technology

The IM-2112 utilizes milling cutting and a self-adjusting feeder to open a variety of mixed mail sizes and thicknesses.

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IM-30 automatic letter Opener
IM-30 Envelope Opener

Open Your Mail Quickly, Easily, Securely and Efficiently

The IM-30 opens one, two or three sides of an envelope without presorting, adjustments or waste.

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IM-35 Letter Opener
IM-35 Letter Opener and Extractor

A Fast and Secure Solution for Opening and Extracting Your Incoming Mail

The IM-35 desktop mail opener extractor handles mixed mail sizes and extracts the contents for immediate processing.

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High Volume Letter Openers

IM-306 envelope Opener
IM-306 Letter Opener

High-Volume Envelope Opener with Optional Sorting Capabilities

The IM-306’s ability to operate at a rated speed of as many as 40,000 envelopes per hour sets a new standard for high-volume mail opening technology.

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