Maximize mail processing efficiency with intelligent postage metering technology and detailed spending reports

Low Volume Postage Meters

IS-280 iMeter Postage Meter
IS-280 iMeter Postage Meter

The Simple Choice for Small Office and Home Office Mailing

Perfect for your small business, nothing delivers like the Neopost IS-280 iMeter postage meter. Simply insert your envelope and you will be printing in seconds.
IN-360  Postage Mailing Machine
IN-360 Mailing System

The Simple, Versatile Choice for Small Businesses Mailing and Shipping

The IN-360 provides access to a growing suite of services and apps intended to improve postal processing, parcel shipping and related digital communications.


Mid Volume Postage Meters

IN-600 HF Postage Meter
IN-600 HF Mailing System

The Postage Machine Designed for Any Mailroom Environment

When it comes to your mail processing needs, the Neopost IN-600 Series with NeoShip delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility.

IN-600 AF Postage Mailing Machine
IN-600 AF Mailing System

The Practical and Versatile Choice for Moving Your Mail

The IN-600 AF is built to move your mail with the highest level of efficiency with auto-feed technology and a growing suite of postal services and apps.

IN-610 Mailing System powered by RunMyMail
IN-610 Mailing System powered by RunMyMail

All-in-One Touch Screen for Convenient Mailing, Shipping and Accounting

The IN-610 maximizes efficiency by centralizing all mail center operations into a single workstation with a large touch screen display.

IN-700 Postage Meter
IN-700 Mailing System

The Powerful Choice for Optimizing Mail Center Management

The capabilities of the IN-700 exceed those of a traditional mailing system with high production speeds and detailed account and expense reporting features.


High Volume Postage Meters

IN-750 postage meter
IN-750 Mailing System

The Powerful Mailing Solution for Optimizing Your Mail Center

The IN-750 is part of the latest generation of mailing systems powered by the iMeter™ postage meter and a suite of digital apps.

IN-710/760 Mailing System powered by RunMyMail
IN-710/760 Mailing System powered by RunMyMail

Mailing, Shipping and Accounting from One Centralized Workstation

Centralize mail operations, process mail, parcels and generate reports with the touch of a finger on the large touch screen display.
IS-5000 postage meter
IS-5000 Mailing System

The Best High Volume Mailing System

Coupled with the internet–connected Neopost iMeter™ postage meter and powerful apps, the IS-5000 is your best choice to manage your business.

Neopost IS-6000 postage meter
IS-6000 Mailing System

A Mailing Machine Ergonomically Engineered for Maximum Productivity

The IS-6000 high-volume postage meter sets a new standard for productivity, operation and efficiency, delivering reliable production and maximum up-time.

IJ-15K Digital postage meter
IJ-15K Digital Mailing System

High-Performance Digital In-Line Metering System

The Neopost IJ-15K is a specially designed, high-volume metering system that has the ability to connect in-line to production inserters.