Rate Change Information

The United States Postal Service modified prices and services on certain shipping products effective Sunday, January 17, 2016.
2016 Postal Rate Guide
2016 Postal Rate Guide
Our latest rate guide has been updated to reflect January 2016 postal rate changes. A valuable resource for every mail center.
  • The average shipping service price increase was 9.5%.
  • The average rate increase for Priority Mail products was 9.8%.
  • The average rate increase for Priority Mail Express products was 15.6%.
  • Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) for First-Class Package Service (FCPS) was eliminated .
  • Parcel Select® Nonpresort was renamed to “Parcel Select Ground™” and Standard Post® was renamed to “Retail Ground™.” This is a name change only and mail preparation and other requirements remain intact.

There were no changes to the First-Class Mail® or Standard Mail® rates in the January 2016 rate change.

What does this mean for Neopost USA customers?
There is no impact to Neopost USA customers who only use the postage meter to send First-Class Letter Mail. The First-Class Mail Letter rates for postage meter users remain the same at $0.485. Customers who use the postage meter or a Neopost shipping product (e.g. NeoShip) to send USPS parcels will pay higher rates as of Sunday, January 17, 2016. However, USPS shipping products and services will continue to provide a very competitively priced solution and services as compared to other shipping service providers.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for full details about the January 2016 rate changes.

Rely on your Neopost equipment to accurately calculate the new postage rates. 
You can rely on your Neopost mailing equipment to keep your mail compliant with USPS regulations and automatically calculate the correct postage for postcards, letters and packages when rate tables are kept up-to-date. Accurate rating eliminates the nuisance and expense of re-processing mail returned for short-paid powww. Automatic calculation of postage also eliminates wasted over-payment of postage needlessly applied because of guesswork.

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