Automated lockers for parcel pick up and drop off

Packcity intelligent parcel lockers provide a simple, effective and secure solution for those seeking more convenience when collecting their packages.

The package solution for colleges, universities and corporate campuses.

Packcity, as an automated parcel point accessible by delivery companies, optimizes the delivery and parcel pick up for students, employees, tenants and online consumers.

  • Flexible - Packcity parcel lockers can be customized to fit your brand and needs.
  • Convenient - 24/7 access for parcel pick up.
  • Secure - total security of packages and risk reduction of lost packages.
  • Visibility - provides complete tracking and accountability for all packages.
  • Reduction of labor and time - fewer internal resources are required for parcel management, distribution and/or pick up.

Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers further represents the commitment to innovation and technology in the classroom as well as around campus at the University of Pittsburgh."

Matt Sloan, Mailing & Warehouse Services University of Pittsburgh

Packcity Installed at the University of Pittsburgh

Packcity Installed at the University of Pittsburgh

The Packcity and University of Pittsburgh mailing and warehouse management teams celebrated a successful parcel locker install that will serve more than 25,000 students.