Dramatically Improving Mailroom Performance with Neopost Products and Mail Solutions

Neopost Case Study Dramatically Improving Mailroom Performance

ConnectiCare, a 240,000 member Farmington, Connecticut-based health plan insurer, required quick and accurate processing and tracking of their incoming and outgoing mail flow to more effectively communicate to members. With only two mailing machines, it was nearly impossible to keep up with the daily workflow when the equipment failed. Approaching the end of their mailing equipment lease, they recognized the need to reevaluate their mail center operations. They needed to find a supplier that would provide the technology, systems solutions and support critical for today’s fast-paced environment of document creation and mail center operations.

Accurate Processing and Tracking of the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Flow

The company was processing up to 2,200 pieces of mail per day at costs of up to $20,000 per month. Unsatisfactory operational performance and a low level of service from their equipment supplier was costing them even more money. They were looking for more value, better and reliable equipment and a significant upgrade in customer service. ConnectiCare contacted the Carrington Company, a Neopost dealer, who recently placed a Neopost mailing system, shipping system and an in-bound tracking system at two of their locations. Pleased with Neopost equipment and software solutions, they reviewed their mailing operations and discussed a needs analysis with Carrington.

“The Carrington rep was surprised to see our clerks hand-applying 12,000 labels. He asked us to email him our list. Then the rep ran our addresses, corrected them and printed them on the envelopes.”
says the company’s front-end supervisor

Based on that label episode and an assessment of the company’s underperforming equipment, Carrington recommended several addressing and software solutions.

Today, ConnectiCare operates several pieces of Neopost equipment:

  • Two Neopost IJ-110/DS/WJ70 consoles. Each console processes as many as 250 letters per minute and tracks postal costs for as many as 500 departments.
  • Mailing Accounting Software (MAS) helps control the company’s postal expenses and gives it direct access to all mail accounting data, anytime and anywhere.
  • ®Friendship Navigator, a multi-carrier outbound parcel shipping system and mail processing solution, which rates, ships and tracks all outgoing non-letter parcels and assigns costs back to individual cost centers.
  • A DS-86 Folder Inserter automates the company’s entire folding and inserting process by folding, filling and sealing envelopes up to 40 times faster than manual folding and inserting.
  • An AS-990 Address Printer with Bulk Mailer® software that creates mail with a professional appearance. The printer provides sharp, crisp, easily readable addresses and prints machine-readable barcodes fully compatible with United States Postal Service® reading systems.

Improvement in Productivity and Increase in Overall Cost Savings

Installing a Neopost mail solution has had a direct and positive affect on the company’s bottom line and operating efficiency. Carrington installed the appropriate Neopost equipment, trained the company’s mailroom staff, followed-up in person and ensured that efficient and effective telephone support was available.

“We are now processing more inserting jobs by machine, with faster operation and less down time, and have eliminated the manual task of applying thousands of labels by hand. All this has led to significant cost savings, clean, professional looking addresses and a noticeable upswing in efficient mailroom operations. And we are saving time and money because we outsource far fewer applications.”
The insurer’s front-end supervisor explains


The Neopost mail system helped ConnectiCare achieve a dramatic improvement in productivity and a significant increase in overall cost savings. Now, the customer has the equipment and training to process more inserting jobs and to process those jobs faster with less downtime. They have eliminated manual label application, and are producing clean, professional addresses while outsourcing fewer applications.