Software Solution Reduces Insurance Company Document Tracking Costs

Neopost Case Study Software Solution Reduces Insurance Company Document Tracking Costs

Our insurance-market customer sent all its time-sensitive and customer-confidential documents to policy holders through the United States Postal Service; proof of mailing was required. Our customer used the USPS certificate of mailing to ensure that customers received important documents. Our customer was interested in alternate and economical ways to track document delivery.

Couple EasyTrack mail stream monitoring software with IMB on mailed documents

Neopost USA demonstrated its knowledge and understanding of Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) technology to our customer and paired a Neopost-brand software solution to enhance that tracking technology. The Neopost USA team recommended coupling EasyTrack mail stream monitoring software with IMB on mailed documents. The EasyTrack add-on service allowed our customer to see its mail pass through the USPS mail stream. The software monitors First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® letters and flats, provides useful, easy-to-understand reports, accurately predicts when mail will be delivered and identifies issues that may affect delivery. Equally important was the fact that our solution was simple for our customer to implement and it added process improvements to their mail center.

Reduce Document Tracking Costs 

EasyTrack was effortless to use and it gave our customer full visibility into the mail stream right up to the point when the mail was transferred to the local postal carrier for final delivery into the recipient's mail box.

Sending individual envelopes first class and certified mail cost our customer as much as $5 per envelope. Our customer benefitted in several ways after it invested in our tracking solution. The insurance company could see the location of each mail piece in the delivery stream, determine the delivery date and be alerted to possible delays – all for a savings of 10%, approximately $1000/per month less than it was paying previously. If a delay occurred, our customer could simply re-mail the information or contact the recipient which was less expensive than using certificate of mailing.