commLink Assessment Helps Healthcare Customer Streamline Processes, Save Money and Avoid Compliance Problems

Neopost Case Study

Our customer in the healthcare arena faced a multitude of challenges: maintaining a smooth-running mail room, perpetuating an efficient organization and complying with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws. Before partnering with Neopost USA, our customer was using old equipment that was slow to process information.

Sensitive health information left stacked in the mailroom

The slowness increased data risks and led to inefficiencies and noncompliance issues. This problem needed to be rectified immediately because our customer printed sensitive, personal, health information (PHI), left it stacked in the mailroom to be folded and inserted into envelopes on a timetable that could span several days. This methodology constituted a security breach; the information could easily leak into unauthorized hands.


Products and software to improve customer communication and reduce risks

The Neopost USA team utilized our commLink Assessment process to appraise the customer's situation and offer the right solution. Business indicators, executive meetings and our commLink analysis tool helped our customer better understand its own business problems. Our customer's executive sponsorship considered the severe consequences of HIPAA noncompliance, inefficient processing, poor customer communications and the enormous risk to its organizational integrity and wisely decided to seize the Neopost USA opportunity. The entire scope of our solutions grew to include DS-1000 folder inserter machine, PrintMachine, Inline metering, AIMS Software and Professional Services. Neopost USA's Project Management and Implementation team of the Integrated Solutions Group became an integral component of the sale cycle. The POD team designed and built the solution, verified it, collaborated with the customer over a five-month period, then priced it out before obtaining the deal-clenching signature. This team is good. The members' design uncovered further inefficiencies within our customer's business and supplied the mitigating answers which extended their credibility and helped close the deal.

The extreme value uncovered during the discovery process precluded an ROI component in this case.