November 18, 2015

Neopost USA Advocates the Benefit of Data Quality During the 2015 Holiday Shipping Season

Neopost USA advocates the benefit of data quality.

Neopost USA, a mailing, business communications management and shipping solutions expert, reminds small and medium-sized businesses that consumers will shop online this holiday season in unprecedented numbers. That avalanche of shopping will result in an avalanche of holiday season shipping and mailing. Clean and accurate address data can help make the season cheery for retailers, etailers, mailers and shippers.

Address quality is the biggest holiday-related mailing and shipping issue businesses face. Returned packages and letters create remedial work but also cost your business money. “Major shippers routinely apply address correction fees to invoices,” says Christopher M. O’Brien, Neopost USA’s Executive Vice President, Communication and Shipping Solutions. “Address correction fees are up 30 percent compared with last year.” Shippers and mailers could see a repeat of the surcharges some carriers applied to 2014 holiday-season invoices.

The good news is that achieving a high level of data quality is easy. How? Scrub your data lists. “Run your customer list through data-cleansing software,” O’Brien says. “Without this simple step, you face – at best – an 85 percent success rate that packages will reach their intended recipient given the fact that 15 percent of Americans change their addresses each year.”

There is one fundamental, business-building reason for maintaining the integrity of your address data: customer satisfaction. “Making sure your clients receive their merchandise, correspondence and gifts – especially during the holidays – will help build customer loyalty and repeat business,” O’Brien says.  


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