October 28, 2015

Neopost USA Launches Business App Pilot Program

Neopost USA has launched the ONE UP business app in the U.S. 

ONE UP provides four modules that help small-business owners streamline financial and client management by automating accounting, invoicing, inventory and customer relationship management – routine tasks that are typically time-constrained by manual and duplicate data entry.  “Our customers have been invited to try the cloud-based ONE UP business app free of charge for 30 days during this pilot phase before deciding to subscribe to the service,” says Vincent DeAngelis, Neopost USA’s Vice President of Postal Relations.

ONE UP is the first SaaS (Software as a Service) business application certified by Neopost in a suite of business applications scheduled for release throughout the rest of this year and 2016. “Launching the ONE UP app is Neopost USA’s initial public step in a bigger strategic plan,” DeAngelis explains. “ONE UP is the first co-branded Neopost digital business application. We have engaged a potent roster of partners to provide SaaS and customer self-service applications as part of our previously announced transition into the world of digital business applications and subscription economy opportunities.  

 “Applying our ‘Certified by Neopost’ endorsement to carefully selected business apps gives customers the peace of mind they deserve and expect from Neopost-brand solutions and services,” DeAngelis says. “That designation simultaneously extends our expertise in business communications, mailing and shipping solutions to our partner’s solutions and helps lead our customers through their individual transitions into the digital business arena.”


About Neopost USA
Neopost USA provides mailing, communications and shipping solutions. For generations, we have worked with our customers to prepare, deliver and manage their customer communications in the most secure, efficient, and professional manner possible. As businesses increasingly move to digital communications, we continue to help our customers communicate – whether in traditional mail, digital communications, or packages. All of this is provided by a network of sales and service professionals providing sales, supplies and service to their customers. 

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