September 23, 2015

Neopost USA Advises Businesses to Partner With a Professional Before Updating and Upgrading On-Site Mail Centers

Neopost USA has a tip for businesses of every size to consider when it is time to update and upgrade mail center services, equipment and software: engage a professional.

Enlist an experienced and knowledgeable partner to introduce you to new mail center technology, equipment improvements and money-saving and time-saving methodologies available to you right now. Your partner will show you how to:

  • Reduce mailing costs by assessing your individual situation, consulting with you and recommending the appropriate hardware and software solutions that will streamline your mail center processes and increase efficiency. Mail center management has progressed to include cloud-based services, delivery opportunities, data hygiene options and tracking capabilities since the last time you evaluated your operation. 
  • Enhance your public image by maximizing the visibility of your brand or your individual marketing message on outbound business communications and parcels.
  • Improve customer communications by giving you the power to prepare, deliver and manage business communications and parcels in the way customers prefer.


“A company’s mail center team is responsible for administering, processing, delivering and tracking an organization’s important documents and sensitive information,” says Kevin O’Connor, Neopost USA’s Vice President of Marketing. “The mail center has to be accurate, swift and economical. A good mail center management expert can build that environment for business owners and mail center managers by leveraging the latest in workflow best-practices, technology-based solutions and mail center equipment.”


About Neopost USA

Neopost USA provides mailing, communications and shipping solutions. For generations, we have worked with our customers to prepare, deliver and manage their customer communications in the most secure, efficient, and professional manner possible. As businesses increasingly move to digital communications, we continue to help our customers communicate – whether in traditional mail, digital communications, or packages. All of this is provided by a network of sales and service professionals providing sales, supplies and service to their customers. 

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