May 1, 2014

More Than 1,700 Shippers Turn to Neopost USA to Understand New, Mandatory USPS Parcel Regulations

Neopost USA, a business communications and parcel preparation, delivery and management expert, just counseled more than 1,700 shippers about staying on top of the United States Postal Service® parcel regulations.

Ralph Mezzoni, Neopost USA’s Director, Product Marketing, Mailroom Solutions, led a webinar that covered IMpb® (Intelligent Mail package barcode) and related USPS requirements for advanced parcel tracking, the benefits to shippers of the unique barcodes, the ways shippers can and must prepare to comply with USPS parcel regulations, the January 2015 deadline for mailing system compliance and other details shippers require to retain access to favorable shipping rates and other benefits

“The response from webinar participants was gratifying. They told us that the session helped clear-up confusion about IMpb and how barcodes affect mailers who ship parcels with a mailing system,” Mr. Mezzoni says. “It’s clear that people recognize the value of USPS shipping products. Neopost USA’s goal is to educate shippers and ensure they are prepared to comply with, and benefit from, the new parcel regulations.”

Neopost USA’s Enhanced Mailing and Shipping (EMS) and neoShip online shipping software meet IMpb requirements. neoShip is the newest solution. It allows businesses to qualify for Commercial Base® discounts, create IMpb-compliant labels, track parcels, obtain detailed reporting on shipments and utilize free address correction and insurance coverage (on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express).

Neopost USA has the advice and solutions parcel shippers need to please customers and comply with USPS regulations. See for yourself, Neopost USA’s IMpb webinar is available

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