May 5, 2015

Neopost USA Identifies Five Essential Characteristics That Tech Employers Want to See in a Job Candidate’s Résumé

MILFORD, Conn., May 5, 2015 – Neopost USA, a company that is transforming from a hardware distributor and license software provider to a subscription- and cloud-based business communications management solution provider, has identified five characteristics job candidates’ résumés must include to catch the attention of tech company recruiters.


Marie Mann, Neopost USA’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources, says her company looks for five specific traits right away:

  • Technology Company Experience – “Neopost USA prefers candidates who have worked inside a company that has transformed from a product-focus to a service and solutions orientation. Very closely related is a deep knowledge of technology and its ability to improve operational efficiency. A demonstrated track record of continuous accomplishment within an organization, especially one in flux, is also part of a success equation.”
  • Strategic Thinking and Selling – “Candidates who can connect the dots and see possibilities interest Neopost USA. The company looks for people who understand that solutions can help customers become more successful and more profitable.”
  • Risk-Orientation – “Neopost USA likes candidates who have an appetite for risk and can explain how they successfully identify and capitalize on strategic opportunities. Because so much activity in a transforming or growing tech company may seem ambiguous, Neopost USA wants to know that candidates understand how to focus their resources and have the courage to take chances.”
  • Collaboration – “This is always an important criterion. It becomes exponentially more important for potential employees who must work across departments in transition to develop tailored solutions for customers. Neopost USA wants people who know how to build strong internal and external relationships.”
  • Adaptability – “Neopost USA also likes candidates who have had multiple employers or multiple positions of increasing responsibility within a long-term employment circumstance. Employers want to see that candidates have an ability to succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.”

“All of these qualities are essential to help Neopost USA – and all employers in the digital commerce arena – build a corps of tech-comfortable, customer-centric employees who can deliver a superior experience, contribute to revenue growth and create long-term customer loyalty,” Mann says.           


About Neopost USA
Neopost USA provides mailing, communications and shipping solutions. For generations, we have worked with our customers to prepare, deliver and manage their customer communications in the most secure, efficient, and professional manner possible. As businesses increasingly move to digital communications, we continue to help our customers communicate – whether in traditional mail, digital communications, or packages. All of this is provided by a network of sales and service professionals providing sales, supplies and service to their customers. 

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