July 7, 2014

Neopost USA’s Information Security Software Is Easy to Install, Configure and Run

Neopost USA, an expert in the preparation, delivery and management of business communications, has a solution to help companies keep their customers' personal data secure – an important and vital function in a world focused on information security.

Neopost USA's OMS-100 Output Management Software is all about simplicity, efficiency, speed, accuracy and cost-savings. OMS-100 software is easy to install, configure and run. It simplifies and optimizes the document creation process in three easy steps:

  • 1 - preparing documents for print by customer-defined output criteria,
  • 2 - adding unique barcodes to each page of processed documents which 3 - ensures those documents are collated, folded, inserted, sealed in the correct envelope and sent to the intended recipient.
  • An added benefit: maximizing the appeal of mail pieces with personalized advertising material.

The OMS-100 Output Management Software is essential for any company that processes and distributes payroll documents, invoices, financial statements, healthcare data or other sensitive material that contains personal identifying information.

"Processing multi-page document mailings by hand is costly, time-consuming and prone to error. Those errors could be even more costly if they breach legislation or fail to comply with regulatory rules. Users who utilize OMS-100 Output Management Software benefit in many ways. They are relieved of uncertainty about the integrity of their customer's personal information, they can leverage this easy-to-use software to increase their organization's profitability and they can add personalized content within the business communications they process."
Dan DeFranco, Neopost USA's Director of Customer Communication Management Solutions.


About Neopost USA
Neopost USA provides mailing, communications and shipping solutions. For generations, we have worked with our customers to prepare, deliver and manage their customer communications in the most secure, efficient, and professional manner possible. As businesses increasingly move to digital communications, we continue to help our customers communicate – whether in traditional mail, digital communications, or packages. All of this is provided by a network of sales and service professionals providing sales, supplies and service to their customers. 

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