April 20, 2015

Neopost USA Offers 5 Environmentally Sound Mail Center Tips

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.

Neopost USA, a mailing, business communications management and shipping hardware and software solutions expert, has five suggestions that businesses can use to implement an environmentally sustainable mail center and workplace.  

  • Choose equipment wisely – Choosing mail center equipment that is manufactured at ISO-14001-certified sites and carries the Energy Star rating ensures proper manufacturing methods and optimized energy efficiency for the product lifecycle.
  • Utilize the cloud – Using cloud-based data management opportunities trim the amount of on-site server equipment, save work space and reduce energy consumption.
  • Offer e-delivery – Today’s customers increasingly opt for digital delivery. Offering customers their individually preferred delivery method – digital vs. physical – reduces use of print and paper resources.
  • Reduce errors – An accurate database eliminates duplicative printing costs, diminishes postage costs and reduces wasted labor that redeliveries require.
  • Recycle empty cartridges – Printer and postage meter ink cartridges can be recycled to reduce solid waste, conserve raw materials and decrease the energy needed to produce a new product.

“These easy options to reduce energy consumption, cut paper use and recycle materials can result in two significant benefits. Your optimized mail center can yield measurable dollar savings with little upfront investment while simultaneously attracting customers interested in environmentally friendly business communications options. Saving time, money and the environment is a strategy that any business, small or large, can adopt.”
Kevin O’Connor, Neopost USA’s Vice President, Marketing, Mailroom Solutions.


About Neopost USA

Neopost USA provides mailing, communications and shipping solutions. For generations, we have worked with our customers to prepare, deliver and manage their customer communications in the most secure, efficient, and professional manner possible. As businesses increasingly move to digital communications, we continue to help our customers communicate – whether in traditional mail, digital communications, or packages. All of this is provided by a network of sales and service professionals providing sales, supplies and service to their customers. 

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