July 8, 2015

Neopost USA Poll Reveals That Shipping Customer Have Opportunities in the DIM Marketplace

Neopost USA polled more than 500 attendees after its June 25 dimensional weight (DIM) pricing* webinar.

Polling results revealed that shipping customers have opportunities in the marketplace

Neopost USA learned:

  • More than 70% of respondents have not made changes to their shipping operations as a result of DIM weight pricing
  • Of those reporting some level of change, 85% changed their packaging
  • More than 16% have renegotiated shipping terms with their carriers
  • More than 18% made changes in their carrier
  • More than 15% have added a new shipping carrier to their mix
  • 24.5% switched to a different carrier altogether

“Many shipping customers are in a good position to realize cost savings by simply reviewing their current shipping practices with their carriers to determine the best available deal. The new DIM requirements can be confusing, but there are opportunities to save money. And every business owner I know wants to save money.”

Christopher M. O’Brien, Neopost USA’s Executive Vice President, Communication and Shipping Solutions.


The Neopost USA DIM weight pricing webinar information:

DIM Weight Details

Last year, major shipping carriers announced a dimensional (DIM) weight pricing model (a measure for establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a package occupies) for all domestic ground shipments. In 2015, shippers are charged the greater amount between actual weight and DIM weight.

DIM Weight Calculation Formula Used by Major Commercial Shippers

Height x length x width divided by 166 = dimensional weight, rounded up to determine the shipping amount customers pay

DIM Weight Calculation Formula Used by the United States Postal Service® 

Height x length x width divided by 194 = dimensional weight, rounded up to determine the shipping amount customers pay. Formula applies to Priority Mail® parcels and packages traveling more than 1,000 miles from point of origin.


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