July 2, 2014

Neopost USA Receives Overwhelming Response from Americans Celebrating National Postal Worker Day

Neopost USA, an expert in the preparation, delivery and management of business communications, received more than 150 comments, likes and shares on Facebook from Americans who gratefully acknowledged their favorite postal workers as part of the run-up to National Postal Worker Day on July 1.

Neopost USA encouraged Americans to answer one simple question: What's the nicest thing a postal worker has ever done for you? This simple request received an overwhelming response; heartfelt comments of praise for the important ways postal workers affect the communities and individuals they serve:

"I'd like to give a shout out to our postal carrier Brian. My husband is in a wheelchair and Brian is very considerate in bringing packages inside the door for us."


"Based on the past New England winter, we commend our postal workers for their exceptional service and endurance through difficult and harsh conditions."


"Our mailwoman couldn't be friendlier. She always stops and takes an extra few minutes to chat with our girls when she sees them playing in the front yard. They look forward to seeing the mail truck come down the road because they always know they're going to get a friendly smile, 'hello' and a nice chat about their day with Miss Cindy!"

"One glance at the responses Neopost USA received tells you immediately that the United States Postal Service is an integral and momentously important part of America's daily life," says Vincent DeAngelis, Neopost USA's Vice President of Postal Relations. "This country's respect and admiration for the USPS has always existed among postal customers. I'm very happy that so many of them used our platform to share their grateful attitudes publicly about the people of the USPS. Neopost USA is very proud to be a partner with America's premier community institution."

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