August 5, 2015

Neopost USA Suggests Three Steps Businesses Should Take Now to Plan for the 2015 Holiday Shipping Season

Neopost USA suggests that small and medium-sized business begin planning now for the 2015 holiday shipping season. Rate calculations, technology advancements and regulatory compliance issues won’t interrupt productivity during the busiest time of the economic year if business owners plan ahead.

There are three easy and simple steps businesses should complete as soon as possible to help ensure that the upcoming holiday shipping season is efficient and lucrative.

  • Conduct a shipping audit right away to discover, and then utilize, the most economical and efficient rates for ground and air delivery services. Think of the saving as a holiday-time present to reinvest in your business processes.
  • Make sure your shipping addresses are correct and comply with the latest United States Postal Service® standards. Major shippers routinely append address correction fees to invoices.
  • Be aware of the recent peak-pricing phenomenon. Some shipping carriers may raise shipping charges in the days immediately preceding Christmas Day. Seasonal-peak charges are an inevitable cost of business but they can be mitigated by a well-planned shipping schedule.

“The 2015 holiday season will likely see the highest volume of shipments ever, as well as extensive changes in how small businesses are charged for those shipments. Increases in eCommerce volume will certainly increase shipping volume as well as raise costs businesses must bear. Small businesses, now more than ever, must watch for the best possible rates, must have clean address data and must prepare to neutralize surge charges likely to be implemented during the holiday season.”

Christopher M. O’Brien, Neopost USA’s Executive Vice President, Communication and Shipping Solutions.


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