January 30, 2014

USPS Rewards Neopost USA Customers With Two Percent Discount on First-Class Metered Mail

 On January 26, retail first-class letter rates increased to 49¢. However, Neopost-brand postage meter customers can take advantage of a discounted rate of just 48¢ for a first-class letter. 

This represents a two percent discount on the cost of first-class powww.

The United States Postal Service introduced a special 1¢ discount for metered, single-piece, First-Class Mail letters, PC-postage and permit providers as part of the 2014 rate change. Those cents will add up quickly. A Neopost customer whose monthly postal volume averages 1,000 single-piece letters will save $100 a year. 

The discount proves that postage meters are an efficient way to manage the flow of mail and mail-related expenses.

Contact your local Neopost USA sales office or authorized dealer for details.

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