December 30, 2014

Four Ways to Improve Mailing Accuracy and Reduce Costs

Neopost white paper Four Ways to Improve Mailing Accuracy and Reduce Costs

Every piece of mail is critical today. This is true whether you're conducting a direct mail marketing campaign — shipping vital goods to your customer base — or sending out First Class mail with important financial statements and billing documents. 

Customer Communication Management and You

The most crucial element for all these types of mailings is address quality. You need the assurance that pieces are being sent to the right people, at the right location, the first time.

Address quality is often overlooked. But the fact is, it takes constant vigilance to guard the effectiveness of your mailing efforts from the general flux of people and places. People move. Businesses relocate. Streets are renamed. ZIP Code™ boundaries shift. As a result, as much as 23.6% of mail can now be addressed incorrectly!

This informational paper will help the reader better understand how to monitor Address Quality cost effectively and the importance maintaining current mailing lists to ensure that business critical mail is delivered on time, to the right people at the right location.

The whitepaper covers four main topics:

  • Eliminate bad addresses from your lists
  • Find the hidden costs in your mailing efforts
  • Hold data collection to a higher standard
  • Use address-quality software to automate the process