December 30, 2014

Big-Business Marketing on a Small-Business Budget

Neopost White Paper Big-Business Marketing on a Small-Business Budget

At the speed of light (or close to it), digital marketing has leveled the playing field for small businesses competing with big businesses, turning marketing on its head and making it “do-it-yourself” and “free of charge.” 

Instead of asking, “How do I match their reach?” small businesses are using online tools and social media along with traditional tactics to challenge competitors with smart, targeted marketing practices.

The most successful small businesses learn how to leverage digital tools and tactics while retaining historically-proven tools, such as results-driven direct mail. So, how can you find the sweet spot at the intersection of digital and traditional marketing

This informational paper will help the reader learn understand how marketing tactics previously only available to big businesses are now easily accessible to small businesses. 

The whitepaper covers four main topics:

  • The importance & best ways to use social media
  • Staying power of direct mailer business
  • Integration of direct and digital marketing for the best results.