December 30, 2014

Simplifying Customer Communication Management for Small & Medium Enterprises

Neopost white paper Simplifying Customer Communication Management for Small & Medium Enterprises

The single most frequent touch point that you have with a customer is often the invoice, bill, statement, or other transactional correspondence. This often overlooked connection can be the foundation of your relationship with your customer and may determine long-term engagement. 

Let’s face it; you have customers who would prefer to interact with your organization through communication channels that you have underserved or those that they may not be supported at all. Even large enterprises that have the financial and labor resources to devote to this issue struggle to keep pace with new technologies and evolving customer preferences, so it is no surprise that small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are overwhelmed by the challenge. The question is how do SMEs leverage this key touch point with their customers to improve the client relationship and compete with large enterprises in a world of complex and rapidly changing technology? This white paper will discuss the changing market landscape and the market’s effect on related business performance, as well as highlight a simplified customer communications management (CCM) approach that is designed to serve the SME market.