December 30, 2014

Direct Mail: Mastering the Logistics of a Successful Mailing

Neopost white paper Direct Mail: Mastering the Logistics of a Successful Mailing

Before you even develop the content for your next mailing, there are logistical and strategic considerations you’ll want to take into account. 

Increase your response rates in direct mail and profitability

This white paper shares a few crucial issues to consider that greatly affect the success rate and profitability of your effort. Make an offer they can’t refuse. – For any mailpiece, you want to create a unique message or offer that stands out from the competition, and also communicates a strong incentive to act.
So what kind of reason can you give a potential client to respond? What can you offer them to entice them to start a relationship? Is it a free report or white paper with information about a particular challenge he faces? Can you offer a free trial of your product, a free consultation prior to service, or a 10% discount on their initial order? You need to give prospects a compelling reason to pick up the phone or to visit your website.
Download our white paper to get all the details on mastering direct mail logistics. Included in the paper are the best ways to develop the message, and how to fine tune the creative to increase your response rates and ultimately your profitability.